Suggested Activities and Programs


Suggested Activities and Programs

Politics is an organized set of political activities which are related to making political decisions within structured groups, including the distribution of political power, gifts or status, and other forms of societal interaction. The main branch of social science which studies government and politics is known as political science. The study of politics has many shades and variations and political scientists have spent many years researching and debating the political systems of the various countries around the world. The political system of a country is studied closely according to the constitutional framework established by the constitution of the country. Political science also deals with the various institutions of politics including the legislature, the executive, the judicial, the educational, and other organizations.

In political science the concepts of political economy and political methodology are also closely intertwined. The study of political economy is concerned with how the production and distribution of goods and services affect the allocation of resources in the economy. On the other hand, the study of political methodology deals with the study of deliberative processes and political decision-making. The scope of political methodology extends further to the elements of psychology and sociology.

Comparative political science deals with comparative analysis of diverse political institutions and polities. There are several fields of specialization in comparative politics. Some of them include but not limited to political theory, constitutional theory, international relations, political economy, political institutions and political cultures. Comparative political science also deals with issues that are of general interest to the society like issues concerning the economic growth and welfare of a country, issues concerning the definition of class, national and local government, issues concerning freedom, issues concerning the rule of laws, and many more.

There are many sub-fields of comparative politics. One of the most prominent ones is International Relations. The study of international relations revolves around the different ways in which nations relate to each other. Some of the major topics covered in the field of International Relations are diplomacy, war, peace talks, globalization and environmental issues. Some other important sub-fields of this subject include cultural studies, literature and journalism, global economics and political science.

Economic debate, political systems, and power play are some of the other important topics covered in political science. Contests are a main component of politics. Contests occur when two or more groups attempt to influence the outcome of a political system through peaceful contest. The processes of contestation include; peaceful demonstrations, mass movements, political campaigns, and riots.

In the field of politics, disability is often an important factor that affects individuals. If you have been identified as having a particular disability then you can look forward to suggest activities and programs that would help you to realize your potentials. You can also look forward to suggest ideas and materials that will help other people who are similarly disabled to realize their potentials. There are organizations like Accessible Technologies for people with physical disabilities who wish to use technology in order to enhance their quality of life.

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