Popular Careers In World Politics

World Politics, otherwise known as global politics, refers to both the field and the study of the political and socio-economic patterns of the world. Some people refer to world politics as “The history of war.” While World Politics is very complex, yet essential in terms of its influence on society, we can still try to comprehend its effects on us through the light of human behavior and our historical development. For instance, did you know that World Politics has its origins in Ancient Greece? Prior to the existence of the European civilization, Ancient Greece was ruled by the Etruscan kings, who were famous for instituting policies that would benefit their city state and further its growth. As a matter of fact, one can trace the evolution of world politics right back to when the Greeks were still calling the shots.

Today, more than a few historians and social scientists are acknowledging the value of World Politics in the development of civilizations. They also agree that the study of world politics can help us better appreciate the inter-relations between nations and between states, as well as how international relations affect the lives of ordinary citizens from every part of the world. It is through World Politics that we can learn about war, peace, human rights abuses, and even the different dimensions of human rights.

In essence, World Politics has many shades, which make it almost impossible to talk about all the aspects at once. We can say that global politics has a variety of dimensions – political globalization is the expansion of human influence, political competition and cooperation, technological development, environmental management, and diplomacy. On the other hand, political competition and cooperation occur on the individual level, as well as within nation-states or even in the international arena. Political globalization has helped shape the world into what it is today – globalization. In the last century, political globalization has brought about major changes not only in political systems and processes, but also in the way that individuals interact and relate to one another.

The study of world politics requires a lot of specialization, and an attempt to bring all fields of study together. A popular area of specialization includes international political science. Many people who wish to pursue a career in international political science spend their years in either politics or international affairs departments of universities. There are a number of international organizations, such as UNESCO, which has political science departments.

Another popular area of specialization is in political economy. This kind of specialization looks into how the state helps economic activity, and how various nations benefit from trade and investment. Many scholars of world politics have made a study of nation-states’ involvement in the global trade system. A perfect example of this is the case of India and Japan, which are heavily dependent on each other for trade. Nations such as Pakistan, South Korea, and Singapore have also become quite important players in the global trade system.

One other branch of political science that has grown in importance is International Studies. International Studies deals with a number of international subjects, such as diplomacy, cultural diversity, human rights, international business, and technology, just to name a few. The growth of globalization has made it easier for scholars in international relations to acquire degrees in international studies. Some of the subjects that are studied include: diplomacy and global governance, global economics and institutions, global human rights, and political geography. With globalization on everyone’s minds these days, it would be a wise choice to major in international studies.

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