Policy Declaration Statements


Policy Declaration Statements

Policy is nothing but a formal system of rules to guide conduct and attain socially rational results. A policy is an instruction or rule that is formally applied as a process or code. Generally, policies are normally adopted by an organizational governance body at a meeting. When formal policies are not in place at any point of time, a board, either a management team or an executive committee can adopt a policy.

International affairs have become a growing concern among people at the global level. Policy makers must therefore pay proper attention towards the complexities of international affairs. Policy makers should be well versed with various aspects of international relations and political science. They should be capable of analyzing and designing relevant policies for the benefit of the nation concerned. Studying in the areas of politics, economics and public policy gives an insight into the intricacies of global business. It also gives one a taste of the art of international communication.

The field of public administration covers different aspects of public policy. Public administration is an administrative science concerned with the management of resources. The scope of this discipline is vast and encompasses many other areas such as economic policy, civil law, family law, public health, development aid, globalization policy, legal practices, environment, immigration and transport. The growth and expansion of the global public administration are a result of the increasing inter-linkedness of public policies. Policy makers need to take initiatives for planning, organizing, executing and monitoring policies and its implementation. Policy makers are also charged with the responsibility of developing plans for ensuring that the implementation of public policies is efficient and economical.

The execution of public policies requires skilled professionals who are well versed in the various nuances of the subject matter. Policy makers need to understand the legal aspects that may be implicated with their decision making process. This means that a good understanding of laws and regulatory bodies is necessary for effective implementation of decision making processes. Policy makers need to ensure that the government policy and program framework are updated on a regular basis.

Since policy statements are a core feature of any public policy, they must be drafted in a manner that is free from ambiguity. Authors or co-writers of policy statements are expected to have thorough knowledge of the policy and its legal implications. The citation needed for the purpose of referencing from a particular source is also an important aspect of public policy.

The application of government policies may vary on different types of organizations. Government policies can cover different types of industries. Therefore, a policy for businesses may be different from a policy for education. It is also important to have a clear understanding of the different types of public policies. As such, when drafting policy statements, it is important to have a thorough knowledge of the type of public policy involved. Public policy experts can greatly help in crafting policy statements on all types of public policies.

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